Pregnant Maria is a story written by PoofFan93.


[Keswick is seen wating at the bathroom door, due to the fact Maria had been in the bathroom all morning. What was she doing? Puking.]

Keswick: [Bangs on door] Maria! Have you even stopped v-vu-vomiting yet?!

Maria: [Stop Puking for a second] Does it look like it?! [Continues puking]

Keswick: You must be s-su-suh-sick or something, because this is ridiculous!

Maria: [Stops puking, Opens Bathroom door, and walks out.] ...No... That's not the case... [Holds up pregnancy test. It was positive.]

Keswick: Oh......

Maria: Keswick, I'm pregnant.

Keswick: [Gently holds Maria's hand] ...I'm so proud, I'm going to be a f-fu-fuh-father.

Maria: ... And I'm going to be a mother. [Grabs Keswick's hand, and she throws him onto the bed and glomps onto him (for fun of course)]


[Keswick's alarm clock rings, Waking him and Maria up. Maria's stomach is now HUGE.]

Keswick: *yawns* *gasp* MARIA! How did your belly get so b-bubuh-big?!

Maria: Because I'm pregnant, YOU IDIOT! *slaps Keswick*

Keswick: Oww... WHAT WAS T-TU-THU-THAT FOR?!


[Maria then gives Keswick huge anime/puppy eyes and whimpers]

Maria: Oh Keswick, I'm sorry, I love you! [glomps Keswick and nuzzles him]

Keswick: ...? I'm c-cu-cuh-confuse... :S

Maria: [eyes turn a deep fiary red] [points at her belly] YOU DID THIS TO ME! LOOK AT ME, I'M FAT!!!! >:I

Keswick: ..Well, you were there too... :B

Maria: I'm hungy, I'm gonna go make tuna salad with chocolate syrup and sardines on top

Keswick *pukes*


[Transition to the Hospital]

Maria: Doctor! Is the stupid Ultrasound over yet?! That goo you put on my tummy is freezing cold! Isn't thisHospital already cold enough?!

Keswick: Maria, Clam d-du-duh-down, Will ya?

Doctor: Hmmm, Ah, There's the baby... [Points to a blob on the Screen.]

Maria: ...Ew, What the heck is that gross-looking-blob-thingie? It looks like an alien.

Keswick: Maria, That's our baby.

Maria: ....Gross! I don't want to have a blob as our baby!

Doctor: It will not stay like this forever, Maria. You see, The baby will grow bigger and bigger over time, Then it will soon look like a regular baby when it's born. ^^

Maria: ...Does that mean my belly will grow to the size of a watermelon?

Doctor: ...

Keswick: ...Oh nevermind, Maria!

[Maria begins to fall asleep]

Maria: Uhhhhhgghh....Keswick...Can we pleeeeaaaaase go home now?

Keswick: Alright, Let's g-gu-guh-go...

Maria: Carry me. [Hops into Keswick's arms]

Keswick: AH! *sigh* Fine. [Walks out of the Doctor's office, Carries Maria to the car and lays her in, Where she has passed out into a deep, comfortable slumber. Keswick buckles her in, Gets in the car, Buckles himself up, and drives away from the Hospital, Proudly.]


[8 months later, Maria woke up smelling something fresh and crispy one Sunday morning. Her nose lead her downstairs to the wonderful odor, Where she bumped into Keswick, Who was holding a frying pan full of uncooked bacon.]

Keswick: Oh! Good morning, Maria! I made b-br-bru-bruh-breakfast!

Maria: Oh goodie! WHERE ARE MY PANCAKES?

Keswick: On the table, Eat all you w-weh-wuh-want. ^^

Maria: [Runs over to the table (Where the Pancakes are), In which it spells "Congratulations!" with a smiley face made with maple syrup on top.]

Keswick: [Grins cheerfully whilst he puts the frying pan onto the burner]

Maria: Keswick...What the heck is this? [Points to the pancake]

Keswick: ... It's a Pancake, Maria...

Maria: Oh...OK! [Eats Pancake]

[Maria then finishes her pancakes, And soon moves on to the warm, crisp platter of bacon next to her.]

Maria: OH YUS!!! [Eats bacon]

Keswick: I'm glad you l-lu-luh-liked it. ^^

[Maria drops her her fork and her face goes from a happy smile to a sudden blank, shaken stare. Keswick rushed over to her.]

Keswick: Maria? What's the matter?!


Keswick: Are you having the baby?

Maria: No, I ate my pancakes too fast and I want some more...OF COURSE I"M HAVING THE BABY YOU IDIOT!

Keswick: Oh.

Maria: AUUUGHGGHHHH!!! THIS HURTS TOO MUCH!! [Grabs a fork and runs around the room, Attempting to stab Keswick with it. He runs around the kitchen, Desperately trying to escape a screaming Maria behind him...]

Keswick: What the h-h-h-heck are you doing, Maria?!

Maria: Well, YOU did THIS to ME!!! [Points to her belly]

Keswick: ...You were there too....

Maria: AAAUGGGHHH- [faints]

Keswick: Great, just g-g-g-great. [Picks Maria up by her legs and pulls her out the front door and shoves her into the car, As they drive to the Hospital...]


[At the Hospital...]


Keswick: Calm down Maria! Maria: NEVER!!! AUUGGGHHH!!!!

Nurse: Maria, You gotta push now.

Maria: Ok! I'm eager to get this thing out of me!

[Maria pushes once.]

Maria: There, Is it over?

Nurse: No, About 10 more pushes should do...

Maria: WHUT? NOOOOOO!!!! [Accidently pushes the baby out because of her anger.] ...Is it over now?

Nurse: [Holds up an Irken-Wolf/Keswick hybrid baby] It is now, I guess...And it's a girl.

Maria: *gasp* IT'S A GIRL! GIMME MY BABEH! D:

Nurse: [Sighs and gives Maria the baby]

Keswick: Aww, She's so c-c-c-cute! What should we name her? ^^

Maria: I wanna name her "Booger."

Keswick: ...Uh, How about Stephanie? >___>

Maria: I like it!!