Maria is a fan character created by Maria Skellington.

Basic InformationEdit

She is 25 years old, but she acts like a 2 year old. She is very stupid... Her height is 2'5". She is married to Keswick Her species is half Irken, and half wolf, making her a little bit of a crossover character with Invader Zim.


There isn't much about her family from parents and siblings, since she was half irken, she was born in Irk from Invader Zim. Well, she was born in the middle of a war, and her parents were killed. She only had one sibling, who was Sarah. Sarah and Maria escaped and made it to Petropolis, which is where she currently lives. Later on they found out that she had another sister, who was Lily. She also has a husband, which was already mentioned, which is Keswick. She also has four children, which were thought of with the help of PoofFan93 and Eddsworldlover1. The children are Stephanie, Keswick Jr., Kessie, and Kassie.


She obviously works at TUFF, but her occupation there is Keswick's lab partner, and an Agent. She doesn't really have a partner with missions, she just goes with whoever. She used to have a partner, who was Skipper, but after a little while she ended up going with others, like Crazy, Chito, and others, though during work she will drag Keswick with her, and Keswick will be with her almost always.

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