Bridget (Drawn by InvaderNari on dA)

Bridget is a Meswick spawn (DUH). She was created by a friend of Maria Skellington (The creator of Maria and Meswick), which this friend is InvaderNari on deviantART.

She was originally created to be 15 years old, but of course, she's the last Meswick Spawn (FROM WHAT WE KNOW. THERE WILL PROBABLY BE MORE), So she can obviously not be 15 YET.

She was born in Petropolis, which is kind of obvious.

She mostly acts like Maria, but smarter, but she still isn't SMART.

She LOVES to invent things, except they always end up blowing up.

She seems to be the first Meswick spawn to have a combination of color in the fur, as of her fur is lightish brown (Keswick's fur), and neon green (Maria's fur). She wears a blue bow, black earings, a white shirt, a blue skirt, tennis shoes, and suspenders. 

She is also very shy, and blushes A LOT.